The HELP STEM Curriculum combines high interest books with math and science activities to engage learners.

  • Curated Book Collections
  • Step-by-step Curriculum Guides
  • Evidence-based Teaching and Learning
  • Standards-aligned Activities
  • Includes ongoing expert training and professional support
  • Theme 1

    You Can Count On It!

    Explore numbers and counting through these books and learning activities.

  • Theme 2

    Colors Are Cool!

    This collection of books and activities explores the world of colors.

  • Theme 3

    Shadows & Sounds

    Discover the nature of shadows and sound using these books and activities.

  • Theme 4

    Space is a Big Place!

    The Sun is hot! The Moon is not. Explore space through these books and activities.

  • Theme 5

    Shape Up!

    The world is full of shapes! These books and activities will help you learn all about them.

  • Theme 6

    The Human Body (That’s You!)

    How much do you know about yourself? Explore these books and activities to find out!

  • Theme 7

    Insects, Spiders, and Worms (Not Icky)

    Did you know worms help plants grow? These books and activities will help you understand and appreciate how little things like worms can make a big difference.

  • Theme 8

    Flowers, Trees, and Seeds (Smell, Climb, or Eat)

    Plants grow. You knew that. But how? These books and activities will help understand and appreciate the amazing world of plants.

Benefits of HELP STEM Curriculum

  • Engages Learners
  • Integrates Literacy and STEM
  • Supports SEL
  • Addresses Needs of Diverse Learners
  • Includes the SIMPLE Assessment

"The HELP Curriculum helps kids discover the connection between reading, math, and science!”

Ayo Johnson, YMCA, Trenton NJ