HELP delivers high interest books connected to math and science explorations organized into themes.

  • Step-by-step activity guides
  • Easy-to-find materials
  • Research-based learning
  • Theme 1

    2 is You and 3 is Me!

    Explore numbers and counting through these books and learning activities.

  • Theme 2

    Air is Everywhere!

    How do we know air is really there? This collection of books and activities will help you find out.

  • Theme 3

    WOW! Water World

    What do steam, rivers, clouds, and icebergs have in common? Read these books and explore the activities to discover how amazing (and essential) water is for our world.

  • Theme 4

    Shapes & Superhero Capes

    What shape is a superhero cape? Why are ships shaped that way? Find out everything you can about geometry by exploring these books and doing the connected activities.

HELP keys to early learning success.

  • Learn through exploration and play
  • Child-centered learning
  • Developmentally appropriate practices
  • Supports social emotional growth

“Connections between reading, math, and science come to life.”

Ayo Johnson, YMCA, Trenton NJ