HELP Learning to Read is a full year, comprehensive, evidence-based early literacy program that ensures reading success.

  • Evidence-based teaching and learning
  • Standards-aligned instruction
  • Student-centered and developmentally appropriate practices
  • Comprehensive connected reading, writing, and spelling program
  • Fun and enaging way to teach reading
  • Theme 1

    Favorite Authors

    Explore the best of the best. These authors and illustrators are sure to connect with kids.

  • Theme 2

    Our World

    The world is a pretty big place. Find out more about it with this mix of fiction and nonfiction.

  • Theme 3

    Food Fun

    What do you like to eat? Where does food come from? How do you make soup? These questions are waiting to be answered.

  • Theme 4

    Fables & Tales

    You've probably heard of Goldilocks but what about the Empty Pot? This collection explores fables and tales from a variety of cultures.

  • Theme 5

    Going Places

    More evidence that the journey matters more than the destination.

  • Theme 6

    That’s Impossible!

    Turning invisible, shrinking or growing, flying, and having magical powers are all within reach in these fantasy books.

  • Theme 7

    Math & Science

    A dog makes a colorful mess, a fish counts his way through the ocean, the sea comes alive in poems, and ten black dots can be turned into almost anything. Explore early math and science concepts through these creative books.

  • Theme 8

    Friends & Families

    Learn about friendship and family ties through the eyes of these characters.

HELP Learning to Read program features the 5 keys to reading success.

  • Phonics. Deliver systematic and explicit alphabet and phonics instruction to learn sound symbol relationships and phonics patterns.
  • Phonemic Awareness. Teach the 44 phonemes using fun, memorable and motivating techniques.
  • Fluency. Use high interest character-driven rhyming stories to build fluency.
  • Vocabulary. Build student word knowledge through creative language games.
  • Comprehension. Increase comprehension skills through enhancing background knowledge and using effective questioning strategies.

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“HELP Learning to Read offers an effective and engaging way to teach reading.”

Helene Tom, After School Program Director, Honolulu HI