LitART After School Enrichment Programs Engage Learners and Get Results.

Over 126,000 students increased their literacy and math achievement with evidence-based teaching strategies, diverse collections of award-winning books, and SEL-embedded learning interactions.

Our Clients

We provide award-winning curricula and support to our clients to enhance student engagement, learning and success.

The HELP early literacy curriculum teaches every child the foundations of reading.

Engaging after school enrichment programs enhance literacy and math abilities.

After school enrichment curriculum customized to the interests and needs of middle and high school students.

“LitART activities are created to increase reading and writing skills, engage learners, and build a love for reading.”

Harvard University,
SEDL Review

“The NOW curriculum has given new life to our after school program for middle school students.”

Terrence Rombule,
Middle School Teacher

LitART After School Programs Have Impacted

150 +
Schools &
150 +
Teachers &
0 K

Who We Work With​

Schools & Community-based Programs

Our award winning programs for students from elementary to high school are designed to engage learners and increase social, emotional, and academic success.

We’ve partnered with school districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, and citywide after school programs throughout the U.S.

Educators & Parents

Our passion is to provide the learning programs and training necessary to help our clients increase literacy and math learning outside of the regular school day.

Our HELP Learning to Read program provides a comprehensive early literacy curriculum featuring phonemic awareness, fluency, and vocabulary activities based on the science of reading. It includes everything parents need to support their children on the path to reading success!

Grant Writing Services

We are well-versed in helping organizations apply for and write grants. In particular, we assist schools and organizations applying for 21st Community Learning Center Grants.

This grant helps students meet state and local standards for their core academic subjects. Funding allows education agencies to establish and enhance extended learning programs that increase student learning through supporting staff, families, and communities.

Interested in funding your education program?