LitART NOW Themes

  • Diverse collections of high-interest books
  • Evidence-based curriculum
  • Easy to use teacher/leader guides
  • Engaging student response activities
  • Aligned to state and national standards
  • Theme 1

    Choices & Changes

    Check out these realistic fiction selections featuring characters coming of age as they encounter issues and situations such as being in foster care, transitioning to a new school, and family break-ups. Every student will relate to these appealing characters as they find their way through their everyday struggles.

  • Theme 2

    Who, Me?

    Discover true stories about amazing people in these biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. Who ignited the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat on a bus? If you said Rosa Parks, think again.

  • Theme 3

    Do You Feel Lucky?

    Here’s a question. Is your life a result of your choices or just fate? Journey across the Mojave Desert, take the perspective of a captive gorilla, decide what to do with a luminous valuable pearl, or be part of a diverse array of characters who create a community garden. Find out how these characters wrestle with the role that chance plays in their lives.

  • Theme 4

    Overcoming Adversity

    We all face challenges. This collection features fiction and nonfiction selections where characters overcome personal, social, and legal obstacles on the way to discovering more about themselves and the world they live in.

  • Theme 5

    Do the Right Thing!

    Real life situations and big decisions. What would you do if you found yourself accused of a crime or if someone hurt someone you loved? Check out these award winning books to see how the characters decide to do what they believe is the right thing.

  • Theme 6

    The Future is Now

    What if the government watched over everything? What if our brains were all connected? What if firemen burned books instead of putting out fires? Science fiction doesn't seem so much like fiction anymore.

  • Theme 7

    Same Difference

    Everyone is different. Everyone is the same. How can both be true? Discover how these unforgettable characters share life’s challenges like trying to fit in or trying to stand out. We are all the same, yet different.

  • Theme 8

    Too Weird!

    Welcome to a world of fantasy and magical realism where anything can happen, and often does.

Customize the curriculum using response activities to develop essential literacy skills and meet the needs of your students.

  • Q10 provides key comprehension questions about the text.
  • Word Collections feature essential vocabulary from the book.
  • WERD Writing includes creative prompts to connect student writing to the book.
  • Literature Response offers ways to explore character, dialogue, and literary elements.

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“LitART has made a big difference for us.
The teachers, students, and parents love it.”

Michelle Jenney, ASPIRE Program Supervisor