Welcome Guest Blogger, Rachel Kimbrow

If you work with kids, you know a great picture book has transformational powers.

With everything wrong in the world at the current moment, I couldn’t be happier with what is going right – and for me, it’s been connecting with LitART over the past few months. As an elementary educator, I’ve had the best time reading, reviewing, and writing meaningful lessons with beautifully curated children’s books and LitART’s powerful collection of literacy strategies.

I have taught hundreds of young learners how to read, how to become independent readers, and how to become literate in the English language. Quality children’s literature makes all the difference. I’ve done my best teaching when I’m sharing a story or text that I can connect to on a personal level. Some of my favorites children’s literature genres include folktales from around the world, personal narratives with strong female leads, and the quickly growing category of STEM-focused children’s literature. 

With the LitART LITE non-fiction series, young readers are invited to enter the accessible world of science, technology, engineering, and math through literature. Through my work with LitART, I’ve discovered ancient trilobites swimming in today’s Grand Canyon, captured solar energy, and migrated with Monarch butterflies. If I’m inspired to innovate and create solutions to make the world a better place, I know my students will be too! Beautifully written and illustrated books are what teachers like me get excited about. I look forward to sharing the great books I’ve discovered with the LitART community. Not a member? Go to the LitART contact page and say hello!