STEMLiteracy Themes feature collections of the best informational texts and comprehensive teacher and student learning guides.

  • Used in Title 1, 21st CCLC, Migrant, Summer, Title II, and after school programs
  • Teacher Guide and Student Response Guide for each book
  • Aligned to state and national standards
  • Each theme provides 4-8 weeks of after school learning
  • Theme 1

    WOW Science

    Science helps us understand things about the world around us. You'll be a scientist, too, when you explore the mysteries and discoveries of nature and technology in these books.

  • Theme 2

    Think Eco

    Earth: Home to all of us. Discover different ways to take care of our planet, such as recycling, conservation and planting trees. Explore the amazing places and environments that make our world so special.

  • Theme 3

    Real People

    You might know The Cat in the Hat, but do you know anything about the man who wrote it? Salsa is more than something you eat with chips and Celia Cruz was the queen of it. Can you believe that a person walked on a wire between two skyscrapers?

  • Theme 4

    Cycles and Systems

    You might not remember, but you started out as a baby. All living things go through changes. Explore the life cycles of apple trees, robins, tulips, frogs, and butterflies.

  • Theme 5

    Go Global

    The world is a big place with many people who have different ways of living. Discover the games, foods, music, and lifestyles of children and families from around the world.

  • Theme 6

    Body Works

    Everyone has a body. Learn all about how your body works and find out what bodies need to survive and thrive.

  • Theme 7

    All Kinds of Animals

    Animals are fascinating. Some animals have tails, eat other animals, or make great pets and some don’t. Sharks, bats, and whales are not easy to feed or clean up after, but they are fun to read about!

  • Theme 8

    History Happens

    Do you know who built the pyramids, or how the dinosaurs lived? Read these books about dinosaurs, mummies, fossils, pyramids and ancient Rome and learn all about it!

STEMLiteracy Activities

  • Focus on informational texts
  • Evidence-based content area reading strategies
  • Engaging, active, and creative literacy learning experiences
  • Motivate learners and promotesv academic, social, and emotional success

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“Reading to learn is what STEMLiteracy is all about.”

Jenna Flores, Second Grade Teacher