Spiders may be seen as a scary Halloween creature, but they have so much more to offer! People have been impressed with spiders’ weaving skills for millennia. The classic circular orb is only one of the many beautiful webs spiders can weave to catch their prey. With detailed drawings and clear text, students learn to appreciate these helpful animals.

Gail Gibbons teaches young readers all about this amazing arachnid. She gives detailed information about spiders’ anatomical structure and different types of webs. Illustrations are clearly labeled for a deeper understanding of science concepts. For teachers, this is a great text to teach the skill of how to compare and contrast all different types of spiders and their unique characteristics.

With both fear and fascination, students bring their own experiences in learning about spiders. This book will help students overcome any fear of spiders they may have. Anyone who reads this book cannot help but appreciate these amazing creatures. Find titles like this and more as part of our newest LITE non-fiction curriculum guides.