Rodent Rascals

by Roxie Munro

Rodents are remarkable, radical, rambunctious, and really cool! After reading Rodent Rascals, a new appreciation will develop, no matter one’s past experiences or beliefs about this diverse and fascinating class of animals. Rodents can sometimes get a bad rap, but this book puts them on a pedestal. Have you heard of the Hero rat? These amazing critters are trained to detect landmines and save lives.

The rodents are illustrated at their actual size, which is not hard to imagine what a mouse or rat might look like drawn on a page, but do you know how big a capybara is? As the largest rodent, it is XXL! Each rodent profile includes detailed drawings and fascinating facts. After reading this book, paired with the LITE curriculum, you cannot help but to develop a love of rodents and non fiction text! Want to know more about how you can bring this book and others to students? Please fill out a contact form, we’d love to hear from you.