WERD offers writers a supportive, organized, and consistent community to learn essential writing skills through exploration.

  • Inspires students to write through high interest activities.
  • Features research-based techniques for teaching writing skills and strategies.
  • Combines free-writing, the writing process, and targeted instruction.
  • Used in Title 1, 21st CCLC, Migrant, Summer, Title II, and after school programs
  • Theme 1


    This guided 10-session workshop guides writers through a range of writing explorations. The workshop culminates in a published collection of pieces that students take through the writing process.

  • Theme 2


    WERDPlay activities are designed to foster creative explorations of writing. Try one WERDPlay activity each week to supplement the WERDWorks sessions.

  • Theme 3


    WERDSkill writing lessons are brief focused writing exercises that explore one feature of effective writing. We suggest completing one WERDSkill lesson each week to supplement the WERDWorks sessions.

  • Theme 4


    WERDLists provide 250 additional writing prompts to inspire writing that can be used during WERDWorks sessions or on their own.

  • Theme 5


    WERDTools are essential resources for creating successful writers. WERDTools include writing rubrics, a summary of the writing process, writing frames for writing dialogue and creating comic strips, mini-dictionaries, and other language resources.

WERD Writing Activities

  • Research proven writing strategies
  • Engaging, active, and creative writing experiences
  • Motivate learners and promote academic, social, and emotional success

Download a free sample of the WERD Writing curriculum