Days With Frog and Toad (ch)
Owl At Home (ch)
A Letter to Amy (pb)
Little Nino's Pizzeria (pb)
Noisy Nora (pb)
The Quilt Story (pb)
Hondo and Fabian (pb)
The Night Worker (pb)
Not My Dog (ch)
Sarah, Plain and Tall (ch)
A Birthday Basket for Tia (pb)
A Chair for My Mother (pb)
The Patchwork Quilt (pb)
Song and Dance Man (pb)
Koala Lou (pb)
Some Birthday! (pb)
The Family Under the Bridge (ch)
A Year Down Yonder (ch)
Chicken Sunday (pb)
Just Us Women (pb)
Mirette on the High Wire (pb)
My Parents Think I'm Sleeping (pb)