Unifix Cubes for Math Learning

Unifix Cubes are the featured manipulative in Litamatics Math Theme 1.   In LitART, we use the real manipulatives so learners enjoy the tactile experience of physically combining and breaking apart the cubes.  You can try a sample Litamatics Math activity using the virtual version of Unifix Cubes shown above.

Grade 1-2:  Trains or Towers

Let’s play Trains or Towers.  I will write or say a math sentence.  You have to make a train or tower that matches the math sentence.   That is, you will model an addition problem.    Let’s do the first one together.

Write 3 + 6 = ___

This sentence says three plus six equals blank.  To model this sentence we need to get three cubes of one color and put them together.  Do that now.

Allow time.  Observe.

We can call the connected cubes a tower or a train.  If you lay the cubes on your desk it is like a train.  If you stand them up it is like a tower.  Make sure your first tower or train is three cubes high or three cubes long.  What should we do next?

Allow for responses. 

We need to get six cubes of a different color and make another tower or train.   Do that now.

Allow time.  Observe.

Make sure your second tower or train in six cubes high or six cubes long.  What should we do next?

Allow for responses. 

Take your towers or trains and connect them together.  Now let’s count together.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.  How tall is your tower or how long is your train?

Allow for responses. 

Nine cubes high or nine cubes long!  Look at our original sentence.  It says three plus six equals blank.  We can write a nine in the blank.  Three plus six equals nine.  We just modeled that addition problem with cubes to find the sum.

Write 3 + 6 = 9. 

Let’s try another.

Write a new math sentence.  Observe students efforts to model the sentence and find the sum.  Provide support as needed.

We all want math learning to be fun, engaging, and effective.  Unifix Cubes can be used successfully in grades K-8 to explore math concepts throughout the standards including Number and Algebraic Relationships (you know, things like adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division),Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement, Geometry, Fractions, Data, Probability, Problem Solving, and more.

Litamatics Math includes Unifix Cubes, tangrams, dice, craft sticks, and hundreds of other math manipulatives to engage learners in fun math activities connected to award winning books.