Numbers Are Everywhere, Even in Reading!

Numbers are everywhere, or so we have been told. From scheduling our time to budgeting our money, math can be seen everywhere we look. In many ways this helps us organize our lives, but for one young student this is far from the case. After Mrs Fibonacci (yes, we know) tells the class that you can think of almost anything as a math problem, suddenly all our protagonist can see are numbers, equations, fractions and headaches.

Math Curse by John Scieszka and Lane Smith creatively combines math and reading for learners in elementary school. A highlighted book in the LitART LEARN Literacy curriculum, Math Curse is a part of the STEM theme. Giving teachers, instructors, and parents an integrated curriculum connecting science, technology, engineering, and math through reading.

From trying to decide how much time he has in the morning to catch the bus, to what fraction of pizza he should eat, workable math problems fill the pages of this book.  A full lesson plan with activities combining reading, writing, critical thinking and math problems engages students to think about multiple subjects at once. Take the WERD writing activity for example:

Reading or Math class? Why not both?! Thank you for stopping by!