Written by Nick Dowson and illustrated by Patrick Benson, North The Amazing Story Of Arctic Migration is a unique read describing the Arctic ecosystem. Written in a poetic format, Dowson creatively describes the seasonal changes the northern part of our planet experiences. The book follows different Wildlife as they migrate across the continent, and in the case of whales, across the globe up north for the warmer seasons.

This book is a great option for readers anywhere from 1st to fifth grade. Kids tend to love books about animals and nature, but the content is delivered in a simple yet effective format alongside Benson’s artwork. The book’s illustrations do an incredible job of capturing the immense size of the northern tundra while creating a sense of connection to the animals who call it home.

This excerpt below shows Benson’s poetic writing format.

But when spring comes,

bringing back the sun

with light and warmth,

the Arctic changes.


Across its frozen seas,

tiny algae begin to bloom

on the undersides of ice,

coloring it golden brown,


while, on land, plants creep up

through melting snow,

turning the tundra green.


We wanted to highlight North because it is delivered in a unique style students do not often experience. It is important as educators, parents, and leaders that we give learners the opportunity to read content from different authors with different styles, backgrounds, vocabularies, and more. This gives young readers the chance to find out what they like to read, how they want to write, and who they want to be. This diverse approach is a core belief of the LitART curriculum. With diverse resources, viewpoints,  and activities we pride ourselves on being able to provide a robust set of tools for educators to employ.

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