Library Lil

A book about books? Written by Suzanne Williams and illustrated by Steven Kellog, Library Lil tells the story of a one of a kind librarian. Lil loved books from an early age, always having one in her hand and always reading. Through this passion she develops incredible strength that helps her lift hundreds of books at a time, helping her land a job as a librarian in the town of Chesterville.

Lil gets right to work, fixing up the library and planning a huge storytelling event. To her dismay, nobody from the town turns up, and she comes to learn that watching television is the favoured past time of the residents of Chesterville. Books? Nobody in Chesterville reads books, and Lil is left alone at her event.

Things change when a huge windstorm hits Chesterville. With power out all over town, Lil is there to save the day with the book-mobile. A massive vehicle filled with books, Lil uses her incredible strength to push the book-mobile through town during the windstorm. Delivering books to every household, the residents of Chesterville fall in love with reading over the course of the power outage.

The story culminates with Lil using her strength to convince Bust-Em-Up-Bill, the leader of a biker gang, to try reading. Bill and his gang hate reading, but Lil once again uses her incredible strength to show them the power of reading. Before long, the entire gang is enjoying reading and helping out at the library as well.

Library Lil is a great read for the early education and elementary ages with diverse vocabulary, witty humor, and an engaging story-line that focuses on themes LitART appreciates. Lil has an incredible passion for reading and uses that passion to create a positive change in her community. We believe whole-heartedly in this principle, which is why LitART partners with programs, schools, and organizations that are also making the world a better place through the power of learning (just likeĀ Library Lil).