Written by Andrew Clements with illustrations with Brian Selznick, Frindle tells the story of a fifth grader with creativity and courage. Nicholas Allen gets curious when he learns how words are made, and that new words are added to the dictionary all the time. He decides to create a new word for “pen”, henceforth calling pens ‘frindles”. Nick is met with resistance from his language arts teacher Mrs Granger, who is a stickler for grammar, English, and all things dictionary.

Frindle is a LitART favorite for two key reasons

  • The emphasis the novel places on words and language arts. It challenges readers to think about what they are reading, how language works and therefore encourages critical thinking about how we write, read, and communicate.
  • ┬áNicholas has to stand up for himself and his newly created word. Sometimes in our world, not all established rules are fair, and Nick shows courage to believe in himself and his word.

Winning countless awards, Frindle has sold millions of copies worldwide. It is a great option for a summer read, or to pair with LitART curriculums.